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You just pop on your headphones, press the play button, relax and allow the binaural beats to effortlessly take you to the precise frame of mind…. Well, as already mentioned, with world economies in the dreadful condition they are presently in and with so many folk facing frighteningly uncertain futures….

So, in order to make this happen as quickly as possible, and bearing in mind you may very well be struggling financially at the moment yourself…. Five beautiful, downloadable MP3 meditations with binaural beats to effortlessly transport you to the absolute best frame of mind for subconsciously absorbing the quietly spoken meanings of all the cards. Which can be used anywhere to fully support the online training modules.

An online video showing you how to lay out and read the very popular Celtic Cross spread — you can watch it over and over until it becomes second nature to you. Online video showing you how to do multiple 3 card spreads, so you can instantly give more in-depth answers to any additional questions asked. Online video showing you how to professionally set up your table and carry out readings at psychic fairs and festivals etc. Online video showing you how to set up for doing readings at home so that you easily present that all important professional image.

No Questions Asked! No ifs, buts or maybes. No hidden clauses, asterisks or small print. And as a result, it seems like a new world has opened up for me! We hope to establish a river of Sci-Fi to be read on the way to the Sea of…. This is a group for people who read and enjoy books - comics specifically about…. Admit it Librarians serving schools K who want collection development…. A group for all fans of Harry Paget Flashman and of his chronicler George…. Do you have a question? Can't find the answer on Wikipedia or Google? This year we are celebrating 10 years as a…. This group was created to be Talk for those who don't talk much on LT now.

A group for making and getting recommendations on literature in translation, or…. Discuss secular humanism, the skeptic movement, books related to debunking…. A group of serious readers who are varied and thoughtful in their reading and…. A deadly game of wit in the forests of verbality! Any member who wants to talk about books, people, events that happened that…. Welcome to Rasmussen College Reads, an online book discussion group for….

This group is open to all that are interested in discussing anything and…. This is a special Club like no…. Just a place for Texans to get together and talk about their libraries. Our goal is to read every Newbery Medal and Honor book. Care to join us? Is there anyone out there interested in talking about Canadian literature…. Finally, a place on LT where devoted fans can gather to laud the wonderful….

Together in we read over 3, of our own books and reached our goal for…. This group is for weavers who read and collect books about weaving; from a few…. A group for those who create, such as collage, drawing, assemblage, painting,…. This reading group is a place for you to share and recommend or not the books….

Books on museums, museums on books, museums in books, books in museums, in…. Some time ago I decided I wanted to read the top novels of all time. Hacking LibraryThing is a place to share and talk about use of various plugins…. A group in which readers with an interest in South American writers can share…. Non-fiction about real crimes, serial killers, psychopaths, run-of-the-mill…. Regardless how "pragmatic" the approach, or "wicked cool" the shell script, we….

You have the tote bag. You wake up to Carl Kassell. You plan your weekend…. Sometimes classy, sometimes the low-end of the scale - but even before any…. This is a challenge where you pick 12 books that have been sitting on your…. If you're a fan of Pierce's many series this is the group for you.

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Together in we read nearly 4, of our own books and reached our goal for…. By popular demand, here's a group for Portuguese Portuguese. The translation…. For those finding it difficult to break down their "Unread" book pile. This may…. For anyone who loves zines as much as they love to LibraryThing. Or more, even. A place to talk about any of King's famous novels or movies. What's your…. For fans of children and young adults books intended for a primarily girls….

For those who like to read any kind of book that 'uses' Works of Art…. For fans of all types of visual culture: art, illustration, comics, cartoons,…. For those of the Old Line State. Stuck in the middle of the North and South,…. Books about medieval mansucripts: new books, recommended older ones, ones to…. Ever lose yourself in an issue of "International Security" or "Foreign….

Group for LibraryThing members on the virtual world Second Life…. For people that enjoy J. Ward series on the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Are you going to visit a city and want to read a book set there? Something to…. A special group for fantasy lovers. Share your views on books, favourites or…. For denizens of the Bayou City - past and present. Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi. No plot, no point, no meaning. Some pieces of music go very well with books. What do you like to listen to…. This year we are celebrating 11 years as a reading….

For teachers of all stripes elementary, high school, college, university. For anyone with books about, on or for two-wheelers, one-wheelers, we'll even…. The Starks! Jon Snow! The Baratheons! The Lannisters! Here is a…. A group for all who admire the work of the great illustrators of the so-called…. For fans of authors from Portugal, Brazil and all other Portuguese-speaking….

This is a book group of people associated with Simmons College Graduate School…. COW is for anyone living in, born in, or just fond of our quirky Midwestern…. A group for Wiccans, Pagans, and other people interested in Earth-centred…. An open forum for scholars, students, speakers and enthusiasts of the…. Linked group of high school students in Little Rock, AR sharing reviews and…. I want to see how old fiction bestsellers have stood the test of time in the….

Looking for fiction of a different ilk? Love nonfiction that's off the beaten…. If you have written reviews and would like to give and receive hints for…. Post your review to this group; read and respond to classmates' reviews! Together in we read over 4, of our own books - ROOT was successful but…. For students, alumni and staff of the University of Oxford. And anyone else….

Keep up to date with deaths in the literary world. Whether someone is a…. A group for people interested in all aspects of the Middle East, including its…. A group for discussing the book by Julia Eccleshare and Quentin Blake or…. A forum for those who collect and enjoy Jewish cookbooks, cooking and food…. A place to trumpet the heretofore unheralded merits of your favorite book or…. This group includes the personal libraries of the populace of the Kingdom of…. A group to discuss science fiction books of the 's, 's, and 's.

Each month, we conduct a few exclusive interviews with authors and then publish…. For fans of the works of J. Neil Schulman, L. Neil Smith and F. Paul Wilson,…. A group for those interested in our furry, feathered, finned friends. A group for parents looking to raise readers and to deal with all reading…. For those who appreciate French culture, food, arts, places, and language. Are you from Spain? Are you Spaniard-friendly? Do you LOVE tortilla de patatas? Are you looking for a good book on a particular subject? Leave your wishes…. Group for people who read books about defending the Faith.

That is, for people…. This is for general issues with LibraryThing's new you-translate-it translation…. For those interested in the works of Fielding, Smollett, Radcliffe, Pope,…. Book and general discussion about air combat, from Eindeckers to Raptors,…. The personal libraries of famous or infamous readers. This group is for The…. For readers who are interested in the social impact of technology. How are new…. A group for Simmons College students, professors, alums, or anyone else with an…. For those individuals who really enjoy reading books that deal with the African….

A place to discuss your favorite Christian Historical Fiction books and their…. The name says it all. This is a group dedicated only to discussion of the 7th…. Poe produced rich and dark works of poetry and short story. Come discuss…. A group for those who wish to share topics for reading, research, and…. Somerset Maugham and anyone who wants to…. A place for people from the Music Capital of the World to come together and…. Even if you're not single, join this group and meet people the best way….

BookBalloon is about lively talk on the reading life and all things…. This group is for those interested in Freemasonry, both traditional and…. This group is for Music History Musicology students, teachers, Theory…. A forum for music and vinyl enthusiasts, cultivated reactionaries,….

This group is made up of children's literature students from Cameron University…. This is a group dedicated to the lovely English author, Diana Wynne Jones, who…. This is a group for people working on the German translation of LibraryThing. From biblical history to the arab-Israeli conflict and everything in between. This is a group for people working on the Brazilian Portuguese translation of…. This group is to discuss "the matter of Britain" -Arthurian literature and….

Hello, welcome to Horror! A place for those who suffer from all forms of depression or anxiety based…. Stop by 8A's Reading Group to share your latest reads and recommendations! Together in we read over 4, of our own books and reached our goal for…. A place for movie buffs who enjoy reading and discussing screenplays,…. A forbidding Victorian mansion, crumbling old castle or an exotic local.

Callas or Tebaldi? Mozart or Wagner? The group's a big tent for readers who self-identify as working class and who…. This group was inspired by a thread which asked LTers what they thought are the…. Vintage is - of course - loosely defined here. And series, stand-alone books,…. Are you a fan of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next? A member of the Nursery Crime…. For everyone - whether you consider yourself an archaeologist or not - who…. Looking for…. A group for discussing all things monastic: fictional or historical.

For those who are, or who love, Chinese, or anything connected to Chinese -…. This is a challenge for to read eight books in eight categories for a…. This group will consist of the postings and comments of Mrs. Grant's and Ms. A group for those interested in education, particularly its theory A place for those with a broad scope of interests, who enjoy the mainstream as…. Let's get together, you and me, baby, and develop a folksonomy.

And we'll float…. Jacket design, fonts, typesetting, paper types, sizes. Anything to do with…. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and join this group if you live in the city of…. I dream about living on a beautiful tropical island that I have made out of…. This is a group set up to allow people to track and discuss their reading…. For the love of historical Egyptian fiction. Love the old Nile gods? All so known as Speculative Fiction. Includes science fiction, fantasy, horror…. Flash-Mob Cataloging is when a horde of LibraryThing members descend on some….

Let's be honest, we can't be book lovers without loving authors, too. This is the place for readers who enjoy the study of Abraham Lincoln and the…. A place to discuss the category of fiction termed 'slipstream' by SF author…. Romanticism, realism, naturalism, symbolism, existentialism A group for people interested in analytic philosophy, broadly construed as…. Trading Post. All Arizona. Anything Arizona. Read Arizona. Explore Arizona. A book group for users of the website rateyourmusic. As we compulsively…. For people wanting to do it themselves in art, music, technology and life.

Individual liberty, economic freedom, and equality under the law in a…. How many book lists are there floating around out there? The " list" tells…. Quaker libraries internationally are invited to participate in this group to…. Join us to share ideas--and get ideas--about the books you're reading!

Oregon, Washington, Idaho If you hang your hat anywhere in the great Pacific…. This is a group for people working on the French translation of LibraryThing. Join in the fight against unread books! Are you ecstatic when you find trade paperbacks for fifty cents at a yard sale? The Non-Fiction Challenge is for anyone who wants to focus on non-fiction,…. Shine a light on female authors writing in any genre, style, period!

A group for people with an interest in religious studies. Primarily focused…. Reference, how-to, memoirs, history, photos, and fiction related to flying and…. A group for dis abled-identified readers, writers, and activists and our…. Fans of subversive fiction from the 80s to the present. Think Brett Easton…. A group devoted to the last spoken form of Egyptian, written in the Greek…. This group is for those who enjoy reading books that are written by African…. For lovers of experimental cinema, underground film, video art, and other…. Peering through the doors of perception, in both fiction and non.

Flickr Members post your LibraryThing related photos in our group on Flickr! A group for the discussion of books about World War One. War memoirs, battles,…. For an added challenge,…. A group for members of the Denver Public Library, as we work on learning web…. This is a group for Library thing users who identify in some way with, or have…. For those of us fortunate enough to have dogs in our lives, and who like to….

You are outgoing or introverted. You are a polymath or a specialist. You are…. A discussion group devoted to the wargamer who is also a LibraryThinger. From children's classics like Calvin and Hobbes to cultural and political humor…. Discussions about books that are about, or have anything to do with knights. A group to connect collectors of works of both non-fiction and fiction, about…. A place for JCO fans of all kinds to gather and discuss her works. Whether you…. Each class member is required to join this group as part of the Library Thing….

This is a group for Thurso High pupils and staff to share their reviews on…. Over the years, this category of books has expanded to fill more of my home…. Swimming in advanced copies you just know you'll get to soon. Unable to…. This group is for those readers who would like to set a goal of reading ….

Group of high school sophomores reading American Literature as ongoing…. On Criminal Element, we love crime fiction, and we're hoping to bring that love…. Current Events has to do with anything that concerns you or the world…. This group is for friends who are passionate about the works of J. A group for students of the Western Mystery Tradition in all its various forms.

Do your bookshelves out you as a drunk? Or just a connoisseur of the world's…. A group for those people who seek out and collect books published by the Modern…. From the Fall of the Roman Empire to the 17th century. The everlasting effect…. It's Penguin Books! And Pelican, Puffin, Peacock,…. For LTers interested in Taoism from a scholarly or spiritual perspective. For readers of anything related to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show lives on…. For all "Poetry-thingers! For those who are Christian Homeschoolers and have specific interests in God….

This is a group for people who love to search out, fortuitously stumble across…. We're people eager to talk about belly dance, aka Raqs Sharqi! We're here…. To talk about books Fiction, non-fiction, memoirs about boating or sailing. A fun way to get…. More than LibraryThing users have at least one book by Haruki Murakami.

A group for slashy queer themed fantasy books, and their readers. For the quilters among us. Patchwork, applique, paper piecing, art quilts,…. Books and talk about Alexander of Macedon, the most important figure of ancient…. Anyone in the graphic design field know that books are a vital resource in the….

For chewing over the best bits of business thinking and talking about where…. A group for members of the Society for American Baseball Research and other…. Let's share the choice books we read this year so we can get great new titles…. A group for those who want to discuss issues in the field of HSTM studies,…. A class of high school juniors reading and discussing American literature.

This is a group created to discuss and arrange and Thank You gift for our…. This is a group for people working on the Swedish translation of LibraryThing. This topic was suggested to me by some comments in the Book Talk thread about…. If you love cheese, and reading, and eating cheese while reading, come talk…. For classic adventuring literature. Who is in need of books constantly? This is the place to find some I'll be…. This group is named after the mnemonic the author produced to indicate the…. In this group….

Just like Zombies appearing to be alive, this group's title may…. For fans of Dorothy L. Sayers, particularly the Lord Peter Wimsey novels. A group for runners of all ages and abilities. Talk about PRs, training…. For those who want to discuss why they flagged something, those who've been…. What would John Galt cook? Which libertarian economics primer can best…. A group devoted to the season of Halloween itself, and all its appearances in….

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A book club for members of Xbox GamerchiX! Girls who like to read and game are…. A group for LT members who refuse to take the world at face value. The OED…. This private group is for students to communicate their ideas, preferences, and…. Nostalgia is always around to tell us things aren't as good as they used to be.

Does your music library combate the book collection for shelf space? Does a…. This is the place where you can post your reviews, respond to others' reviews,…. For all of us who procrastinate by improving our productivity skills. If you're an eclectic reader, you'll have a high "obscurity" rating on the Fun….

For those who read or collect books about spaceflight and exploration,…. The Teaching Company www. For those too cheap or who read too quickly to pay for all of their books, or…. Since we're reading the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, let's talk…. If you have or are working toward a degree in classics classical studies,….

If you love children's fantasy fiction and you remember a time before Potter,…. Rather, this group is dedicated to a…. Fans of functional programming generally, the dynamic languages Lisp and Scheme…. Bookmarks have always fascinated me Books for students of Chinese -- testing the linguistic capabilities of….

A group for all things Shakespearean - plays, biographies, studies; serious and…. For readers of experimental literature in the broadest sense of the word. Let's talk about Dinosaurs! And mammals, and plants, and invertebrates, and…. A group for people who like reading Norse mythology, history, fiction,…. I'm going to be reading books about each of the states in the US. I'll read one…. A passing reference to the fountain pen with purple ink that I use to write…. A place for fans of any or all of Anne McCaffrey's works. It also includes Todd…. For those interested in mind-altering plants and chemicals, and especially,….

A place to discuss the offerings of one of the most impressive small press…. Literary Centennials is a group for celebrating the th, th, etc. A group for members of the immensely popular theology forum, TheologyWeb. As you can tell by the name this is a site devoted to those who love all things…. Libraries serving synagogues, Hillel groups, or similar Jewish organizations. The Bloomsbury group itself evolved out of the Cambridge Apostles, and their….

A group dedicated to all those lovers of proper beer and books dealing with the…. For those interested in Luther, the Lutheran Church, Lutheranism, the…. Members are interested in the scientific worldview free from religion and…. Group for those interested in books about the people of world war II and the…. For the sociology addict perpetually drawn to analyzing societies, social…. For anyione who has a passing interest in Bill Watterson's comic strip Calvin…. Wait a moment,…. What do you want to read, what are…. This group will discuss questions from the curriculum framework created by….

Bulletin: After finishing up her last class at the New School and moving to…. The musty old tomes, strangely-stained manuscripts, and mass market paperbacks…. For all those that practice any Martial Art, Asian or not. Or re they really serious at All? It seems a storm is starting to settle over my house just at kickoff. CHSommers TheEconomist An interesting historical coincidence It is that the secretary of State which is promoting the law it's governed by communist party people.

It looks like a constant they're always trying to erode family's unity and power. ThatTimWalker Is everyone that writes for the New European a fuckwit or is it just a terrible coincidence? Temperature in Charlotte is a brisk 90 degrees at kickoff, but a press box update said that it feels more like Is it a coincidence that he was a protester?

NimaTavRood Agreed. They played so well together in the second half of last season. Is it a coincidence that we win out first game with the same two in the middle? Think not. YZFJamie Maybe just a coincidence that you happen to be a ex bf, who recently taken the hump with me again for fuck knows reasons. I mean sorry I most of got it wrong. Or is that Maize and Blue? Beat Notre Dame. Is it a coincidence that most men struggle with the same things?

Many of the great parks in the U. So it really is just a complete coincidence that "his ENTIRE love life" calls him out for different lies and cheating. Luke must just have a thing for pathological liars who's only goals in life is to ruin his. What a likely scenario.

What should be obvious to everyone is that the people who are backing the Parkland teen activists are targeting Marco Rubio. They have done it repeatedly. This is not a coincidence. Can confirm a how excellent it is b the dangerous levels of scone-eating that goes on. I now appear to be writing a novel so am blaming the baked goods and fresh air. What a happy coincidence it is that this happened on her birthday. That is a coincidence, ain't it?

Whatever be it, he long lives.


I dunno if this is always a coincidence that whenever I felt sad,tired,angry or I have a problems it is also the time Jungkook posted either a selca, G. There is one Govt sponsored Skill Development Centre in my locality. During last six months I have not seen that in a running position.

It may be due to coincidence of my time. I am not so lucky. A girl who looks like me and has the same name? I-what is this coincidence, I'm speechless. Oh yes, follow me. There is this coffee shop I visit regularly. People eligible to vote 4. People who donated to Salmond Is it a coincidence that its about the same number of fanatics counted at each rally and march this summer.

Although Dumfimline. JulianAssange Yes, I thought it was quite a coincidence that Julian lost his internet access prior to his giving evidence against Cambridge Analytica too. If anything this demonstrates Trump is as corrupt as his other attackers. Morphe is not a small brand, they are opening stores at a high rate given the state of the retail market and with consumers shopping online - they are going for significant growth. The red states have the highest collectors of welfare, lowest in education, lowest in cultural diversity, highest in religion, highest in teen pregnancy, and none of that is a coincidence.

It's all hand in hand. A bit of balance would be useful, if only from a professional journalist perspective. I am increasingly of the view that the absence of ANY media criticism of Tory Islam baiting is more than coincidence. Not sure that is the case, but the odds of this team bunting and stealing at the same time as a coincidence is not high. In our days, St. Is it a coincidence that the trend reversal in minority death patterns began around ? The rising death rates among FoxNews GovMikeHuckabee I am sure that it is just a pure coincidence that US pulls funding after Pakistan just elected a popular outsider who isn't a zealot, seems genuinely progressive after decades of corrupt US backed politicians and dictators.

It is not a coincidence that both have risen since closure of the station. One q anyone who can shed light please respond.. I don't think its a coincidence that he's back and this year the evaluation is already looking miles better. It really kicked off when Labour got in. Mullen era is underway. VibeHi Is it a coincidence that the keystone of the black family; the black mother has been degraded and reduced to "baby mama" as if she has no special relationship with the fruit of her womb or no special place in the home?

First it was the goddamn fortune then the yt list then making singularity available for download and then making a 'mistake' by switching singularity with serendipity. It's too much of a coincidence. How is it that the screw ups happen with tae only? Coincidence is like the premise of the show, sis. Richiestoke Themis Something stinks about this.

Janefield is busy before every game but not so bad that they've ever had to close it before.

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Seems a massive coincidence that happening today. BenjiNdolo ItsMutai Who pays them? I don't believe it's a coincidence that in egalitarian churches there is a tendency to be soft on homosexuality. I realize this is not across the board, but the more you erase the gender and role distinctions Yahweh created, the less they mean in a marriage. CFPetrella rockwoolna See liberal. And it is is possible that things were lost in translation.

I just think its a lot of things to be be just a coincidence- but it is all up for interpretation tbh. God is our Strength when we are weak. So for comparable cities, Seattle is quite high on the list. Could it be better? Most can. Is it weak, or lacking a vibe like you say? Not at all. Is it a coincidence that ChrisEvans and eddiemair chose to leave the BBC for "new challenges" just as the corporation is asserting greater control over presenters' fees?

RudyGiuliani 2 questions: 1 Which part of the dossier is a lie? SilvrtonguedDvl I know all this. I have heard all this from personal friends. But I have also run this past friends of mine who are mutuals with this employee at Riot I upset and virtually all have agreed that it's extremely unlikely this is a coincidence. It was based on common sense and universal ethics at the time it was written. That it coincidently overlaps with something written in this and that book is exactly that - a coincidence.

Just your average no sleep kind of night. Because, is it a coincidence that the name Adam and the word atom sound alike? One wonders who is behind all this and who could seek to gain from crippling both parties at once? JDefiant9 Naw. Human pattern recognition is OP AF. We see patterns in all sorts of things that don't necessarily correlate let alone cause ; it's pretty normal to see a pattern in coincidence. Love this song btw. Knead that dough, get that money, be independent, be an everyday miracle.

This life is yours so whether you believe it was given by divinity or a beautiful coincidence or whatever, live it. Raise people up. Do not tear them down. Ok so is the Rail Tracer actually a real thing or is it something Isaac and Miria just made up that Vino simply happened to emulate by pure coincidence?

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Or is Vino the source of the Rail Tracer urban legend? He had his reasons for not wanting to have anything to do with her publicity to sell his narrative. It's almost like that is a strange coincidence eh? Very disappointed that a less than 2 year old Fitbit Blaze stops working and the best fitbit can do is a discount on a new tracker. Jikook is not a coincidence. They're meant for each other. It's a match that's been chose by God. Misha being on the episode of KindaNerdyNews where they appreciate jdm's beard is not a coincidence - its fate.

NewYorker In a happy coincidence I received my renewal notice the same day as I learned that you are featuring Steve Bannon as your headline speaker. Now my decision to cancel my subscription is a no-brainer. I'm disappointed; I enjoyed it. But some of us still have principles. Once again , how did black lives matter in Chicago this weekend? You never hear about these problems in Texas?

Wonder why? Can you tell me why? It's not a coincidence that complex products have higher fees. Fund managers know that the rich use simple heuristics such as anything expensive must indicate higher quality. Which is not always true especially in regards to financial products. God has made me numb for a reason. ElementalAmber NO! But don't look under it. I am totally not under it right now, and that fork on the floor next to it is a coincidence.

Despite the fact that the entire world fights against it, it is spreading. Is it a coincidence or is there a reason for that too? I don't believe in astrology or that your personality is predetermined based on where the sun is in relation to the earth on the day you were born. I wanna say it's a coincidence but like wow. May be something to do with all the lies. I don't think it's a coincidence that "cancelling" people has been so weaponized by people with an agenda, because it is primarily about claiming a position of superiority rather than actually trying to get insight into the character of a person.


JcsmMurty Yes, just a coincidence really, other than that it is a lovely Maori name. That is the consideration of those who disbelieve! Then woe to those who disbelieve in Islamic Monotheism from the Fire! That there is an election coming soon is coincidence. This 10k grants though. Is it a coincidence that it's coming to Osun through PYO just 19 days before the state governorship elections? They were removed for a reason and things will not be different the second time around.

On my work on a General Theory of Warfare, I have been centering the professional soldier by trade at the center of my theory. It is understood that is no coincidence as it is considered to be an ideal type according to Max Weber concept. Why is asbestos suddenly a subject among right wingers and Trump supporters? Why is this a talking point now?

Those strange anomalies! Is history repeating itself a coincidence from our neglect to learn from the past, or could it be that all things truthful have happened before and will happen again before the final cause and the return of truth; as further proof that they indeed truthfully happened. Natlasrado Petrol is no longer a word. In India, it's an acronym. It stands for, "Prices expected to rise, Oh Lord! Car rhymes with far, but since you have to pay through your nose for fuel, don't take the car.

You won't go too far anyway! SGR was billion. We just borrowed billion to build a parallel road to it. It seems like a coincidence until you remember who the US president is and his war on China. He's probably realized that he can't trade war China into oblivion Is that a coincidence? Or is that just a coincidence? But 2. Cmon now.

I guess it's just a coincidence that known white nationalists flash the sign regularly. I suppose Pepe the Frog isn't White Nationalist either. If she's not flashing the WN sign, what the hell IS she doing? Not a very comfortable looking pose. Lately many banks were entering this crypto world and open doors to big investors, we also know that a stock market crash is pointing its nose perhaps for the end of , coincidence?

This market will become a safe heaven and they know it Hold your position! I am very surprised that he would steal pictures as album covers, but still, different people hear different music. We know yellow is the color of a banana. Fair to say? Any coincidence that he is the only guy in the lineup that can count on where he hits in the order? Set a lineup and stay with it! When I think we have reached a limit on unbelievable, the next day I am proven wrong.

It then would appear that Kavanaugh's assistant is sitting behind him during the hearing and her hand is in the position of the sign used by white supremacists?? Fact or coincidence?? But yet again, the left generalizing that anyone who votes red is a white supremacist. No one would naturally or accidentally hold their arms like that. No coincidence that I'm seeing basically the same thing said. Our King says what He means and means what He says! Love it! Of course the racist birther movement means nothing to you because deep down you lovvvvve it.

By your standards, no one is racist. We get it. We see through it. Is it a coincidence that All Night came on shuffle after sooooo long when the girls are about to drop new music!? Is it just a coincidence or am I only dreaming. Even mentioning it is already the nicest thing ever. Anything else would be a blatant breach of the oath of office of the College of Commissioners. Just asking. I have always been named KAI!

RakeshSinha01 Wishing you a very happy birthday Sir! What a coincidence it is, to be also able to wish Teacher's Day today, on such an auspicious occasion. You do make realize that one can be a liberal and conservative at the same time, without being hypocritical. Is that what we're talking about?

Watch before you judge. It's not a coincidence that ferafona and i have seen both and still pick Naruto ahead of Avatar. Where's Agboola Adenusi? Is it a coincidence that kirk and ainley play out wide and Jones plays in the middle field of the park. We score 7 goals in 2 games? USAttyBash Really? The boss of the production company that makes it must be delighted Mr Holly Willoughby. Let them discover it, and all you have to do is arrange for that coincidence to occur. There will never be a right moment, and it might feel imposed.

I don't know. ManInTheHoody Her hubby got twitter to defend her. Save it, that is not a natural position and the timing is no coincidence after checking her phone. The entire administration has to go. TheAZRepublican Um, no. The person being tried generally does not pick the judge or jury. Normally a president that picks a judge is not under investigation. Just like BTS' new single idol ft. Wow what a coincidence! Maybe we should hear it on the radio cause of how good it is!! ZoSoJade TalishaLoa davidmweissman yashar she is married to the man that wrote the Muslim ban who is a white supremacist.

She is an aide to Stephen Miller who is a white nationalist. The hospital is also quite expensive. StoneLarry Is it a coincidence that they started spiraling pretty much right after the manager and GM got their extensions? As well as a god-awful racist comedian with severe mental-health issues. The narrative that's it's a coincidence is what makes you not smart. Is beauty sleep a thing? Don't protect her. It was deliberate. MuellerSheWrote Honestly I find myself holding my hand in a similar fashion a lot on a table, desk, or my leg. I think it is just coincidence that it happens to have association with white supremacists.

As someone who is against this nomination, don't let it distract us. LBC are your panel all convinced that this is not an accidental release of a sample released from Porton Down that was destined to be couriered back to Russia by the Skripal's? One hell of a coincidence how close to the UK stock of Novichok it happened. TomKingTK not going to go into specifics but today of all days is difficult for me and your story coming out today was a surprise coincidence that just happened to echo for me.

I really needed it. Thank you so much for this issue. EsCachetona Is it just coincidence that he got recalled to the NT for the first time in nearly 5years and suddenly there's a kangaroo running wild RichardBSpencer She is Jewish. She may not have done that if it was a synagogue. Or it may just be art and coincidence.

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Kanye doesn't work at Wendy anymore, he ain't about that beef lifestyle and there is nothing wrong about it. Drizzy is looking for revenge, Ye starting a fight 4 almost nothing wouldn't be in is advantage imo. If you look close enough, you can find coincidence everywhere. Rebuilding has just as many ups and downs as trying to stay competitive or maintaining a level of competitiveness. Any fool can see that. And just imagine if there were hundreds of indictments in Obamas circle. I'm sure you would say it was all just a coincidence and that Obama is clean, right? SamsungMobileIN That is all fine My Samsung Note 4 stopped working Its a weird coincidence Exactly 3 years Sorry, but she goes into that hand sign right after a text.

It is not a natural way to hold your fingers, plus she weirdly looks around while doing so, without changing. No coincidence. Wise up. The strange thing is that YT used to place adds that were anti gun on gun channels or pro SJW adds on anti feminist channels, etc.. I'm pretty sure it was always done on purpose and not just a conspiracy theory or coincidence. How many coincidences does it take before it's not a coincidence? SGTreport along with 3 anons who work the boards Do you honestly think that it is a coincidence that this so-called proof just happens to have been released when Labour are 4 points ahead in the polls?

Maybe it is time And that's a problem. But there isn't that space, so the significance is ambiguous. You really think that was about Ray Lewis? I'm related to Jim Thorpe. Is it a coincidence that they look like dangilbertppc from last year? We do 5km usually. This sat is different as it's our birthday run. Building went on fire. That other place was it a gas company? Somebody is out here burning our country bit by bit and trying to destabilize it. Isn't it a coincidence that T'challa reveal to the world as Black Panther is similar to Iron Man's reveal. Its just data. It took us 35 years to get it back to that level largely bec of deep debt incurred by Marcos.

Those are not pledges they are from the National Income Accounts. It would be a massive coincidence if it was. That would make Ben at best a Useful Idiot, at worse something much more sinister. TheRealHublife That's one hell of a coincidence. There is only 1 way to argue this. They'll say "he meant to say 'put to rest'" I dunno If,the image is not a copy,the caption is definitely a copy from his own earlier tweet.

Is he comparing mount wit Sonia? JimNotBob And One is supposedly millions of times bigger and you tell me that it is just a coincidence, yeah right. Is it sheer coincidence that Warren suddenly found her Cherokee heritage before seeking to land jobs as a professor at Ivy League law schools? It was very convenient timing for Pocahontas. I don't really care about this situation but I still find it weird that what a coincidence when those who use those things 1 of them already arrested for it btw are in the bus and the police comes and the only one arrested is the black man.

Is it just me, or is it a coincidence that the GOP took away net neutrality in June, and three months later want to "regulate" social media? TanitoElRoi earlyyearscop It is a coincidence then that the victims of stabbings and shootings are black? And further that a large number of the offenders for possession of knives and firearms and drugs are black? Just asking for a friend. Please sort this and the other users requests. It make you look awful for customer service. Is it a coincidence that I'm rocking a dope mustache during the same time that Burt Reynolds has died? Is it a coincidence or is there something behind that nightmare.

CLEUCl It is in the public interest to discuss a candidate's exaggerations AND an outlet with a history of defending particular political interests can go after a person who doesn't agree with them. Both can be true! Or, you're saying that part is just a huge coincidence? And it is no coincidence that this model is constantly under threat. X probably NSA spook. AspiringThrawn The incredibly random coincidence of being locked in a cell with the a hacker who could do what they needed is in fact, not a coincidence. She set it up that way. I don't want to start any conspiracy theories, but surely no one thinks it's a coincidence that Burt Reynolds has died while Trump's White House is looking for the author of the NYT op ed?

Has anyone checked whether the CIA have an alibi? It was raining and winding is that a word? That storm was wild. And that these areas are the weirdest? It's not a coincidence that Harris, Booker, Hirono and Feinstein are the Dems on the Judiciary Committee leading the fight against Kavanaugh—our party is at it's best when we ensure that women and people of color are leading the way.

It's not a coincidence that every GOP president since Eisenhower has overseen a recession. One of the tests to notice that the runoff has reached unsafe levels is to flip a coin and notice it comes up exactly heads, tails, heads, tails, heads, tails, heads, tails,. Energy systems. Look at all the sports that go for an hour. Most endurance events land on one of these durations. AlanOlive1 I haven't seen you getting much traction with anything on here for a while.

Is it just a coincidence that you saw another close internal vote which didn't go the way I imagine you'd want so you decided to pick at an old scab? How much of a coincidence is it that we play Millwall away almost a year to the date where the decline happened after such a good start!

Biggest game of the season so far, massive psychological test lufc. She's behind him every single day, so she occupies some position with his office. Maybe she's his law clerk. She made that same hand symbol on her arm yesterday, but I just thought it was a coincidence. Is it a coincidence that BeerLoversDay falls on a Friday? We think not! Come to Brand Exchange, and let's cheers to the weekend! This will be the 3rd week where EX raids have remained on the same day and the following day is the announcement.

With that I am Three non-rhyming colours could not possibly coincidence. Is it a coincidence that no single individual from the most corrupt institution in Kenya by all standards-the Kenya police- has been arrested in connection to corruption?? JaceHall Is it a coincidence, that Dr. Soon-Shiong is the investor? It is not a coincidence that US dept issued this statement less than 48 hrs after the leak. And that the implied intent is a reality. U dont choose Osun at that time. It is insensitive for sanity sake we are all clamouring except if we re hypocritical. The system will outlive us. Even if it is a coincidence, you don't do that.

This is why a country like the US will summon u on it. She hears on the news that people are speculating that her 3 finger gesture is being interpreted as a white power sign.. USAttyBash But today is a new day and it happened again. What a coincidence? That's "ok". We've got a bead on both of you now. There is no way that her making that symbol TWICE with her right hand was accidental or a coincidence. I don't care what her ethnic background is, it was very deliberate. A puppet Govt.

Quartermain10 Is it a coincidence that the perpetrators of so many of these types of incidents involve supporters of two particular clubs? I don't know how that could happen.