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This idea has been fostered by Hollywood time and again in numerous films and television dramas. Church groups actively work to warn their congregants of the dangers of the Occult.

Aquarius ♒️ The Devil has left the building - Timeless Tarot Reading

The wonderful Peter Cushing spreads the Tarot and deals the fates of men traveling by train in Dr. For some, the call of the exotic and the taboo can prove both irresistible and upsetting. While trafficking with spirit boards or dabbling with divination can offer a thrill, it can also upset those who find more Truth and Wisdom about themselves than they ever expected, or even guessed, they would discover beneath the veil of mundane life.

A very real Fear of looking into your own shadow-reflection, the darkness within, exists in most people. Very, very , few are able to completely transcend the chains of material bondage over which The Devil so delights to lord. Those aspects of our deepest, and most natural or instinctual dare we say… truest , selves which we hide away from the world — and even from ourselves.

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All our secret traumas which have been unconsciously repressed. All our unrepentant animal urges and emotional energies we consciously suppress, yet — to tell the truth — secretly long to exercise. The Tarot Devil usually depicts two people, or satyrs, chained and bound to the Lord of Darkness who stands or squats menacingly above them.

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But either their chains are of their own making or their collars are at least loose enough to slip off if they chose to do so. The Lovers are often in an ideal setting and are receiving benediction from an angel on high. The Devil card is like the Shadow version of The Lovers card. The standard RWS symbols have gone out the window. Yet it somehow works extremely well for me, and I am pleased to have got it. Back to the Devil thread.

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You are right, the Devil looks dead, or a shriveled husk of a Devil. The situation these people have attached themselves to is dead. But they can't get up and walk away.

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Hi Syrah, welcome to the study group! Here's an image of him, I went to look for one after reading your wonderful description, Queen of Disks No arms either. Like the "devil" is simply the fact that these two people have turned their backs on each other. Well, I saw this thread and dug out my Aquarian deck again.

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I haven't looked at it for ages, although it was one of the very first ones I owned. It took me forever to figure out Strength. The death mask in the Devil reminds me of some paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe. Hi Brighteye!

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I can see what you are saying with Georgia O'Keefe's paintings with the steer skulls in them. I looked at Lee Bursten's review of the Aquarian on Tarot Passages and he says that it's a goat skull, which would make sense for a traditional Devil. He also believes it's a goat head. Here is his take on some of the other symbolism in the card: - The figures have been stripped of human form, suggesting a loss of identity and a spiritual regression to a prehuman state. Personally I prefer Queen of Disks description "The situation these people have attached themselves to is dead.

Free Tarot Readings. Tarot Books. Tarot Card Meanings. Seeing this card you usually know from your instinct what forces you are bound to that are preventing you from moving forward. If it is an illness, there is nothing you can do but take care of yourself to heal and move on. The same applies if the forces you are bound to are evil and manipulative.

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Cut out that dead weight, free yourselves from the chains of addiction, even if you are addicted to a person. Only then can you move onto your Higher Power and Highest good. The Devil is never a welcome card in any reading, however there are lessons to be learned when this card arrives, and they aren't always bad ones. The Devil symbolizes the Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn, and so leadership and taking control of the situation in a practical way is called for when you see this card.

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  • Here we see a literal interpretation of The Devil. An angry, evil force that is bound by chains to a problem or a situation. The message from this card is a higher spiritual lesson you must learn.