Evolutionary astrology pluto and your karmic mission

Alternatively, the soul might have been reincarnated to re-address some karmic issues with a parental figure. There is a decidedly strong inclination in the individual to get to the bottom of things. Alternatively, the soul may have felt crushed by the absolute authority of a parental, social, or political figure in a past life, and now abhors anything connected to traditional authority which operates outside of oneself.

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In other words, the soul has to learn to write down her own constitution and see herself under the jurisdiction of her own Law, rather than projecting power unto an external symbol of authority and then feeling persecuted by it. The soul has gained a rather childlike habit of pleasure-seeking and joy, so the threshold for bearing spiritual pain can be relatively low. There is a deep-seated desire to be paid attention to for what one is.

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Lifetimes of being recognized for something for better or worse may be indicated, as well as a possibility to have gone through some painful experiences if Pluto is challenged with regards to creative endeavors or children. He gave me that longing… and then made me mute. Contrary to the previous placement, here the soul has acquired a habit of getting involved in the collective needs, rather than attending to her own personal joy. An urge to join a cause or lead a group may overshadow personal ambitions, such as falling in love or having kids. The soul seems to dwell in a sacrificial mode, having impulses to serve the other without being properly compensated.

Evolutionary Astrology

If Pluto is challenged, the individual may unconsciously sabotage his or her own promotion to a higher position, simply because the soul is too comfortable to stay subservient. An exaggerated emphasis on politeness which is another form of subservience may be present in the individual, and forming equal partnerships on any level seems to be difficult. Alternatively, the individual may go to an extreme to prove that he or she is not unequal as this is a sore point in the soul , and therefore he or she may truly excel in a particular field. The evolutionary path consists of moving towards the polarity point of 12 th House, to understand that from a cosmic point of view, we are all equal in our inequality, that we are all servants and masters at once, and that perfection is a death of life, as life constantly yearns to manifest itself and become conscious of itself precisely because it is not perfect.


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